A bunch of us performed at CC Attle's Fetish Night.  Rather than go all the way home to Tacoma that night and then come back the next morning to give my CBT workshop, Bucky and I took a hotel room for the night.  And this is how we spent the morning.  Warming up for the workshop. This was LOVELY.  The full, free video is here.

This is a the last of the boy videos. It's the cumshot.  I loved the bondage.  I wish I'd gotten photographs.  And I wish I'd had (then) the ability to mount my camera to the scaffolding above me.  I have it NOW - so I'll be able to do magical stuff from now on, but this one is a LITTLE frustrating.  But stay tuned for the last couple seconds of the video so you can see boy's "output".  Pretty impressive.  Full video is right here.


boy, his feet in Jesus Sandal harnesses, hanging upside down and being edged.  And he does some CRUNCHES.  This is from the same session as  the other videos with his name on them. See the full video here.


This is like 30 minutes of boy and I during a quick bondage photography session.  I decided to keep in all the process in this video because I frankly find that part beautiful. I hope you enjoy it too.  There are two bondage ties in this video - tying, photographing, then untying.  boy is a great rope sub.  View the full video here.

 Last night (November 16, 2022), we were at my quarterly rope bondage practice and discussion group Men Tying Men.  It was awesome and packed.  There were a dozen men who opted for my introductory rope bondage lesson which took nearly until the end of the event (there was a lot of fun had, actually).  But Buckyand I decided he needed to spin from the ceiling a little bit right before we wrapped up for the night. This was a FAAAAAST suspension.  Isn't my boy beautiful when he flies?  The video clip is right here.

OMG!  At last!  You can get t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs... all KINDS Of stuff with the Visible Restraint logo on it.   The logo, which was designed by my partner (Saltnginger), is "me" all tangled up in ribbon - which happens more often than I care to admit.  And here's Minimum Frequency modeling our t-shirt!  YUM!  


Oh FUCK!  This is amazeballs fucking video features Beast (Kristofer Weston) learning how to do the Tiny Bag of Indescribable Pain from me.  You can, if you want, see him enduring it (really well) on another video right here.  His stunt bottom this time was my partner Saltnginger - who is wearing a pair of blackout contact lenses for this scene.  He loves this ball pain so much, by the way, that he doesn't need to be bound for it.  Saltnginger was also tied to Beast for the other video, enduring the TBIP at the same time as Beast.  Also there was a giant cumshot at the end from him.  Beast did the job amazingly well.  He also did all the postproduction on this thing and I am incredibly happy with how beautiful the video is.  Also?  At the end of the video, Bucky comes in to clean up the sticky mess like a good boy.