Beast Learns a Thing

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Oh FUCK!  This is amazeballs fucking video features Beast (Kristofer Weston) learning how to do the Tiny Bag of Indescribable Pain from me.  You can, if you want, see him enduring it (really well) on another video right here.  His stunt bottom this time was my partner Saltnginger - who is wearing a pair of blackout contact lenses for this scene.  He loves this ball pain so much, by the way, that he doesn't need to be bound for it.  Saltnginger was also tied to Beast for the other video, enduring the TBIP at the same time as Beast.  Also there was a giant cumshot at the end from him.  Beast did the job amazingly well.  He also did all the postproduction on this thing and I am incredibly happy with how beautiful the video is.  Also?  At the end of the video, Bucky comes in to clean up the sticky mess like a good boy.