Toys 5 is a dungeon party for men and for people who have lived experience as men.

Toys is returning to Gallery Erato, the Pioneer Square home of the Pan Eros Foundation (the non-profit that produces the Seattle Erotic Art Festival). It's a large, multi-level space with tall ceilings. A perfect place for our kind of party.

When you first enter the Toys party you'll walk through the exhibition of men-in-art (curated especially for the month of December). In this same area, we'll have several kinky tops who will be offering brief (10-15 minute) tastings in their areas of expertise.

Then you'll come to a suspension area and demonstration area (14' ceilings). The main play space will be downstairs - and it's very large. Lots of great opportunities and spaces for play.

All proceeds from this event benefit the Pan Eros Foundation.

Come play hard.

Advance tickets only. Limited tickets available.
Water available. Please bring your own bottle or cup.

Tickets on sale now right here!

Having conducted field research on cock and ball torture (CBT) for nearly 50 years, Daniel presents their non-scientific findings for your consideration and entertainment. This workshop will include a survey of cock and ball bondage, different methods of torture and CBT safety considerations as well as a brief overview of a few of the off-the-shelf CBT toys commonly available. During most of this class, Daniel will demonstrate their techniques (none of which involve off-the-shelf CBT toys) on participants not chosen at random. More than just a nuts-and-bolts guide, Daniel will also discuss the delicate topic of introducing oneself or one’s partner to CBT. The goal is to create enthusiasts – people who will come back to CBT again and again. This class is demonstration based, with lecture.

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The Hypnokink Enthusiasts Group has decided to have a first hypnosis-themed play party. There will be demos, trance tastings, and group trance play - but we will also have spaces for couples' quiet trance play, hypnosis-themed BDSM play and for trancey, sexy times (if you're planning to have sex, please bring your own sheets). There will also be a small social area. Trance play will be allowed everywhere.

For those who can be there when our party starts, we're going to start with an introduction circle where we introduce ourselves, give a quick user's guide to the party and do a chill group trance induction.

Rules for the party will be at the door.  You'll be asked to review and sign them before entering.

Ticket Price:  $30 per person/$50 for couples - $10 Discount code available for members of the HEG Discord Channel.

Tickets on sale here!

Saturday November 18th at 1 PM to 3 PM is this month’s Hypnokink Enthusiasts Group Skillshare event.  It’s a free event (although donations, which benefit the Pan Eros Foundation, are gratefully accepted). 

New folks who arrive at 1 PM can sit in on our terms-and-concepts discussion, which is about 15 minutes long. The rest of the event is devoted to doing a more deep dive into important topics in Erotic Hypnosis.  This month, our topic will be “Navigating Consent, Negotiation, and Rapport for Pick-up Play”.  We’ve chosen this topic because, later in the evening of the 18th, we’re having our first-ever Hypnokink *play party*.  SUPER exciting. 

As always, we’ll be doing some introductions and our usual start-of-event Betty Erickson group induction to get us all in the mood.  See you there!

For more information, have a look at the Pan Eros website.

The Men Tying Men Rope Bondage Skillshare event is Wednesday November 15 at 7 PM at Gallery Erato.  Free event - though donations to our host is very appreciated.

We will continue our practice of convening as a group a little after 7 to do introductions and explanations.  Then we'll split into two groups:  folks who'd like to take my rope bondage introduction workshop and folks who'd like to do more advanced individual play downstairs.  ALL play at this event is understood to be skillsharing, so expect folks to ask you questions while you're working. That's the whole point of this thing.

More information at the Pan Eros Foundation website.

See you then!

Really fun podcast discussion with the host of Kinkyboys Podcast, HairyHypnotist, my boy Status and me - about hypnosis, conditioning and brainwashing.  So much fun!

Podcast HERE.

Really fun podcast discussion with the host of Kinkyboys Podcast, HairyHypnotist, my boy Status and me - about hypnosis, conditioning and brainwashing.  So much fun!

Podcast HERE.