So Qwerk and I have done a few session of hypnosis.  And before this time, I'd already done the TBIP with him. But we'd never gotten anything on video before this.  Well... we fixed the FUCK outa that.  This session is not just CBT it has hypnosis content layered all over it.  STACKS of suggestions all working together.  I mention some of them in some sort of random chat with the viewer at the beginning of this video, but I didn't mention the obvious one which I'm sure you'll figure our from the frequent grasping at his collar.  

Hot AF.   The full video is here.

This fucking video.

I'm sorry you don't get to see his face in this fucking video. It can't be helped. But trust me and the handful of people we have allowed to see the raw footage from this hypnosis session when we say that Status brings so much light and magic and the video is transcendent. 

But this blurred-face version does at least capture the broad outline of what the rope induction and the rope bondage mantra that I used here actually *do*.  It's pretty wonderful stuff.

Last night (I'm writing this on December 23rd, 2022), Status put me under and brought me back, vividly, to this session (which I've been combing through as part of the blurring process for much of the last few days). It was delicious.  He's an incredibly talented hypnotist in his own right.  But one thing that came out of that brief session was that I realized that (in metaphor, at least) the rope in this video was like living connective tissue between us.  This was particularly true during the rope mantra part of the session. I want to elaborate on that, but at the moment I can't. I can't imagine, though, that this epiphany won't inform my rope bondage in the future.

Thank you, Trophyboy.

The full 20-minute-plus video is right here.

I first met Status on Hypnosis For Guys a few months ago. We figured out pretty quickly we had some kind of chemistry, but he lives a drive and a boat-ride away so it took us a while to connect in person. We've been hypnosis book study buddies. We've spent hours in video chat talking about our experiences with hypnosis and coming up with hypnosis ideas and speculating about why things work the way they do. And we've talked a LOT about what we wanted to do when we met.

Often, in my experience, when two people spend that much time previewing sessions before meeting expectations for that first session are inevitably so built-up that the session can't help but disappoint. And so when we both finally met, I think we were both a little concerned that we wouldn't be able to compete with the fantasy us that we'd concocted in the months leading up to that final moment. We underestimated our chemistry. Incalculably much. It was immediate and electric and a little bit magical.

We're grownups. We're going to be reasonable about all this, but... Jesus.

Anyway. This first video is just a tiny, tiny clip from our very long first session. We focused on hypnosis and connection. But there was a little bondage. By the time we got here we were both so trance-drunk and fractionated that in our heads the events in this video took at LEAST 15 minutes. I only cut about 20 seconds from this video. Uncut, this whole part of our evening took about two minutes thirty seconds. We are both truly shocked. I've never seen such a bizarre and dramatic instance of hypnotic time dilation in the history of my hypnotic practice. Never mind. I'm not going to go into detail about all the stacked triggers and mantras at play here. Let's just say we got a fuckton of hypnosis done in our first session together - but the truly wonderful part is that we were left with a sense that we've only just barely scratched the surface.

Eventually, I will do the post-production necessary to release a version of a 30-minute (or so) video of some of my rope induction and bondage-related mantra in action. It's a little sad for both of us that, for real life reasons, I can't share that video without blurring his face, so most of you will never have access to the real content captured there. But I think you'll enjoy it just the same. Meantime, enjoy my trophyboy's cumshot from Friday night.

Oh! And you should know that he figured out I tied him so that if he leaned back in his bondage, his wrists were tied so that the ribbon would pull on his nutsack. Which he took full advantage of.

The full video is here.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your help making Toys 4 such an enormous success!

We'll be back in 2023 with Toys 5 on December 9, 2023.  Still at Gallery Erato.  Tickets will go on sale in July 2023, with a significant early bird discount as always. Also, as always, if you volunteer for our events, admission is free for you. Many of you also buy tickets to the event anyway, which is incredibly generous, and those funds go directly to the Pan Eros Foundation which is not only our venue host but also the producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and many educational events throughout the year. Incredibly worthy. 

By the way, while we're talking about  "getting in free" - there are LOTS of opportunities to volunteer at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and you can sign up to get involved here.  Also the call for art is open - follow this link for that!  You get in free to the festival by participating in either of those ways, but, even more importantly, it's a way to significantly participate in the artistic/creative side of sex-positivity and I'm ALL ABOUT THAT. In fact, I'm Lead Docent for the festival and have been involved with the Festival from its beginning - 21 years ago!

Also! Men Tying Men, our quarterly, Wednesday men's rope bondage discussion and practice group, roars back into action on February 15th, 2023. The Hypnokink Enthusiasts Group (our erotic hypnosis discussion and practice group) has its first 2023 meeting on February 18, 2023.  The discussion and practice groups are all free (donation requested but not required), courtesy of the Pan Eros Foundation (at Gallery Erato).

I don't have SOLID dates for the Men Tying Men PARTIES but I'm shooting for a first 2023 party in early March. The PLAN is that there will be parties in March, June and September. The Men Tying Men PARTIES are ticketed. If you'd like free admission to the parties, we always need folks at the front door. Let me know if you're interested in working shifts at the front door. As with Toys, all ticket proceeds benefit Pan Eros Foundation, making these events a fund-raiser for the foundation and Gallery Erato.

Again, thank you so much for all your help!  It was a wonderful night. If you have feedback on Toys 4, I'd love to have it from you

Have a wonderful remainder of 2022! I'll see you all, I hope, in 2023!

All our love,

Daniel C. McGlothlen

A bunch of us performed at CC Attle's Fetish Night.  Rather than go all the way home to Tacoma that night and then come back the next morning to give my CBT workshop, Bucky and I took a hotel room for the night.  And this is how we spent the morning.  Warming up for the workshop. This was LOVELY.  The full, free video is here.

This is a the last of the boy videos. It's the cumshot.  I loved the bondage.  I wish I'd gotten photographs.  And I wish I'd had (then) the ability to mount my camera to the scaffolding above me.  I have it NOW - so I'll be able to do magical stuff from now on, but this one is a LITTLE frustrating.  But stay tuned for the last couple seconds of the video so you can see boy's "output".  Pretty impressive.  Full video is right here.


boy, his feet in Jesus Sandal harnesses, hanging upside down and being edged.  And he does some CRUNCHES.  This is from the same session as  the other videos with his name on them. See the full video here.