Minimum Frequency and I (and my husband) spent the weekend together with our kink family.  At the end of the weekend, the three of us were the only ones testing positive for COVID-19.  We are mostly asymptomatic (at least no serious symptoms). This means it turns out he can't fly home for nearly a week past his originally planned departure day. So last night we edged the CRAP out of him and today (now that he was so horny he was pretty much beside himself) I decided to get him off. So we suspended our heavy Mr. S straitjacket and I edged him some more before I finally just got him OFF. Beautiful cum shot!


Oh FUCK!  This is amazeballs fucking video features Beast (Kristofer Weston) learning how to do the Tiny Bag of Indescribable Pain from me.  You can, if you want, see him enduring it (really well) on another video right here.  His stunt bottom this time was my partner Saltnginger - who is wearing a pair of blackout contact lenses for this scene.  He loves this ball pain so much, by the way, that he doesn't need to be bound for it.  Saltnginger was also tied to Beast for the other video, enduring the TBIP at the same time as Beast.  Also there was a giant cumshot at the end from him.  Beast did the job amazingly well.  He also did all the postproduction on this thing and I am incredibly happy with how beautiful the video is.  Also?  At the end of the video, Bucky comes in to clean up the sticky mess like a good boy.

Minimum Frequency is such a great sub!  Here he is suspended and milked for a really delicious cumshot.  Enjoy!


I love this video.   Bondage play with Bucky - with a LOT of  assplay.  Fuck I love his asshole.  And he's such a good boy. I wonder if you can guess what his hypnotic mantra is...

Bucky came as my date to our September 2022 Men Tying Men rope bondage play party. He had his very first rope suspension experiences with me at the event. And he got some pretty deep bruises at the same time. Beautiful boy.  Also a friend (you know who you are) came and challenged the FUCK out of his holes.  Great party.  Full Photo Set HERE!
Kristofer Weston is a remarkable creature - both in his human roles and in his beast role as a Pony.  This video is all about hypnosis: inductions (from basic to subtle), mantra play, visualization and hypnotic storytelling, triggers and so on.  Also - some great nipple and cock and ball torture.  I'm so proud of how strong this Beast is.   Full video here.