Getting Ready For Rope Bondage

These points pertain to rope bondage, but they would apply to most bondage activities (and not simply bondage activities with me). They're not rules. They're suggestions for those about to be bound.

  1. Be in the best physical condition that you can be in for your bondage session. Get enough sleep, have enough to eat and drink (but not so much that you feel heavy or leaden), go to the bathroom if you can, trim any long body hair and be clean.
  2. Don't eat in the hour or so before the bondage session.
  3. Heavy gym/workout time is not necessarily a great idea on the day of or even the day before a bondage session. You don't want to be stiff. Immobility will do that job well enough. You don't want to start at a flexibility deficit. Having said that, a light workout routine would actually help as warmup.
  4. Bondage is a physical activity. My suspensions can be torture and endurance activities (if the photograph makes the pose look hard, it probably was hard). You'll enjoy it all more if you're in decent physical condition. You don't have to be young, skinny, musclebound or any of that - but the better your physical condition the more likely you are to enjoy the experience.
  5. Do yoga. Seriously. If you can't or won't do yoga, then at least stretch before and after workouts. If you can't or won't do that, then at least stretch at the beginning of the bondage session. Plan to stretch after each position, if possible. Do yoga.
  6. Stay hydrated DURING the session. Dehydration spoils more scenes than lousy knot skills.
  7. Communicate with your Top. He can't read your mind. He needs to know when things tingle. If you have a circulation or nerve problem he needs to address it and those issues are often not apparent visibly. Nerve issues won't even present cool or clammy skin. So talk to him.
  8. If you have a short attention span, bondage probably isn't going to work for you. Rope bondage, in particular, is process-intense. In order to get to the good stuff you've got to go through some tedium. Try to engage with your partner. Let him know (verbally or otherwise) that you're excited and anxious to see what he has in store for you. Not only will this help him (Tops have notoriously brittle egos) it'll give your brains something to do while you're getting bound.
  9. In my dungeon, anyway, come sober when you come to play. I want the guys I play with to be mentally 100%. You need to be able to listen carefully to your body and you need to be able to tell me clearly and articulately what your body is telling you.
  10. Whether your Top is a newbie or experienced, from time to time he's going fail. Give him a comfortable space to do that safely in. Your impatience with him may implode a scene that could otherwise turn out well. Obviously, protect yourself. But acknowledge that your guy is human and he's trying to create something sexy with you. Keep it on that level and you'll be fine.
  11. Keep this in mind: every time you let somebody immobilize you, you're putting your life in his hands. Make sure the guy is worthy of that trust, both in skill level and in character.
  12. Come to the session ready to have fun.
  13. Don't try to get your Top to preview your scene with him too much. You're going to like it a lot better if he gets to surprise you.
  14. In my dungeon, if you're a smoker, don't come to the session smelling of smoke. Shower first, get into some clean clothes and then wait until after the session to have a cigarette.
  15. Most of the time, you'll have a better time if you practice a little chastity the day or two before the session. If you're horny, you'll feel sexier and that will translate into better, sexier photos. Edging (bringing yourself close to orgasm without allowing an orgasm) is one way to amp up the energy of the session.