Status is my boy and an important partner in my hypnotic practice. He isn't in a position to allow his face to be shown so we don't share most of our straight-up hypnosis video, but this video, with rope bondage (which he also loves) and hypnosis go together really well as this video, I think, show quite well.  This is a pretty standard spreadeagle pose.  You'll have to take my word for it that this video is the culmination of many hours of sexy naked time edging and hypnotic play.  

I'm incredibly proud of this boy.

The full video is here.

Unicorn is a tremendous sub.  It had been since 2019 that we'd played last. I'd honestly forgotten HOW MUCH he brings to the table.  This is the first tie of the day.  Of four.  And it was hot AF. The video is here.

This is the fourth bondage video of the day. Another cum shot.  I love how happy these videos are.  This full video is here.

This is the video of the third bondage of the day.  Ugh.  This one is hot.  It's also when he shot his load. The video is here.

This video is of the second tie of the day.  He got super close to cumming a few times again. The connection with him is really good.  See the video here.


So Qwerk and I have done a few session of hypnosis.  And before this time, I'd already done the TBIP with him. But we'd never gotten anything on video before this.  Well... we fixed the FUCK outa that.  This session is not just CBT it has hypnosis content layered all over it.  STACKS of suggestions all working together.  I mention some of them in some sort of random chat with the viewer at the beginning of this video, but I didn't mention the obvious one which I'm sure you'll figure our from the frequent grasping at his collar.  

Hot AF.   The full video is here.