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A Casual Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis
Saturday, February 25, 2023, 12:00pm - 04:00pm
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Erotic hypnosis is a marvelous engine for intimacy and erotic imagineering. Hypnotic trance state is a delicious altered state all by itself, but when we stir in suggestion and storytelling we uncover an internal universe that seems limitless. This class will serve as a guide through the first steps in your erotic hypnosis journey and will cover the myriad consent issues, safety, hypnotic induction and will begin to cover applications of hypnosis to our erotic lives.

This class is a blend of theory and practice. There will be a some group work (so come prepared to take a little trip into a trance-y headspace), but mostly the practical exercises will be paired.  Optimally, you’ll bring a partner to this event.  If not, we will do our best to make sure everybody is paired with someone.

The presentation will roughly run 4 hours with built in breaks. There will be Q&A and practice time during the lesson with people encouraged to stay and practice afterwards.

Comfortable clothing (jeans, t-shirt, gym shorts, jockstrap, etc.) should be worn or if you are comfortable being naked is also okay during the workshop for those who are participating (bring a towel to sit on if in a jockstrap or naked).

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You must be Covid vaccinated+boostered and have at least the first MonkeyPox vaccination shot to attend this event. You will be required to show your vaccination card (either on your phone or actual card) upon entry.

Please bring your own beverage and or snacks as none will be provided for this workshop.

Please note this is a private house residence with concrete and wooden staircases in the two-story house which is NOT handicapped/wheelchair accessible.

Location Brue's Boneyard
16953 NE Davis Street
United States