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This has been happening a lot lately: The better the play gets, the less interested in the camera I am. Never mind. There are some good shots here - even if some of the coolest stuff didn't get photographed.  Oh - he kept getting hard in surprising moments.  The most surprising was in 057 through 120 - he was so hard when I tried to pry his cock off his belly there was a loud popping noise.  I was afraid of breakage, to be honest, though it didn't hurt when it happened.   Also:  this session marks the debut of my special piece of wood (230 and 236).    Thanks to ylkayak for this.   It works beautifully.   Surprisingly lightweight and yet absolutely rigid.  And it's big enough that I could lift him by it (not with the hoist but with my hands) without causing him that much discomfort. FUN!  Finally, Patrick is obviously as addicted to being inverted as everybody else.  It was particularly good this session because he'd spent so much of his previous workweek on his feet - it was comforting on his back.