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Daniel's Big Book of Bondage

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At CC's Fetish Night.   This one was a Suit and Tie theme so they asked me once again to do necktie bondage demos and I couldn't help myself.  I love necktie bondage, particularly in a demo setting.  Because each piece of the bondage has to be so small, there's a building sense of suspense and narrative as the person getting tied finds himself more and more intensely restraint.  Plus colors.  Plus material.  Plus the very public nature of this play.  We all had an amazing night.   The models for this night were Chris, Justtryingtoplease, Patrick, Fuzzycubjoe and Josh.   Because of the nature of my demo, combined with the fact that we were also trying to get photos (and video) of Knotkin's suspension demos with the same camera, it was kind of all-hands-on-deck as far as photography goes.  In this album, I did some photography, as did Patrick, Knotkin and Josh.   Thanks to everyone involved - both our folks and CC Attle's wonderful and helpful staff.