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A small part of me wants to do long journal entries about my scenes with this man. I might someday. Not now. Taking some notes.

The first pose incorporates a hojojutsu tie.  Also a minor testicle "predicament" - leg is hanging from his nuts.

The second is a simple inversion.  Like many people, ylkayak experiences inverted suspension as a peaceful, blissful thing.  He said he could have slept in the pose.  Except, you know, I kept punching him in the chest.

The third pose is a variation of "the claw".  The marginal chest strap is tight and encourages the subject to stay on his toes if he wants to breathe naturally.  Obviously, though, staying on ones toes is a challenge even if a sadistic maniac isn't beating the crap out of your butt.

The fourth was simple bondage for CBT.

The last was done with hospital restraints.   He loved this, although he kept trying to change his posture slightly to reduce the stress to his neck and back.  Only slight movement was possible, really.   I think that might have been why he liked it so much.

I know the facial blurring is irritating to some of you.  Tough luck.   Some guys have  good reasons to obscure their identities.