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You know how I always say if the guy and I have a really strong connection I often don't take the time to get the camera? This was our fifth session and the first time I got out the camera.  And I collared him on February 19, 2014.  

This is... uh... I dunno. You look at them. Even here (with some very good photos) the camera is an afterthought. The boy is a CBT pig and a wonderful submissive. Once again: lucky Daniel. Three notes: 

1. The rope used around his cock and balls in the photos starting with "1018 13" is raw yak rope. Soft... a little itchy

2. The last pose was his first ever full suspension. The load he blew in this position started somewhere in his childhood I think. We'll be cleaning off the floor of the dungeon for weeks.

3. After he came, we kept playing - and it was delicious... and there aren't any photographs.

Note from April 2015:  still almost never interested in getting the camera out when we play.  I think that means we're pretty happy.