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From the Treefort site: This was his first serious bondage - certainly the first time he and I had played. The first pose was bogus. I had an idea and it didn't work - partly because it was too busy and partly because M doesn't have a lot of flexibility in his back. So we lost the extra tie-downs, first the side ones, then the overhead one. His hands move from overhead to off to the side by his waist. His feet get tied, more or less, to his butt. Then I was going to tip him up completely onto his knees but it wasn't enough and he was urging me to suspend him completely - in a harness that no way supported him enough to be comfortable. He didn't care. He wanted to be suspended in it so I gave that to him and he flew. Suddenly the scene was working. The second pose did exactly what it was supposed to do: frame the tattoo on his back. Then when I came around to the front I started to play with dreadlock photography. I don't care if it gets you hard, in this case. I think the photos are great. Oh. Then the full frontal. I hadn't seen him naked before. Nice. And when we reviewed the photos later we agreed that we need to crucify M sometime soon. The third (and final) pose was Matlock's request. He'd seen Matt in this pose and he wanted some himself. Interestingly, I'd been mulling that for a while anyway. Matt's harness, while effective, was raggedy-looking. I wanted one that looked like more of a single piece. I achieved that here although (typically) the back "strap" is still loose-looking on camera, but that's a minor flaw. Okay. Enough background. So the photos of Matlock in this pose mostly comprise photos of him walking around the dungeon like that. I What I didn't expect was that I'd decide to suspend this harness. I did, though - and the boy turned into someone else entirely. I'm uploading as many of these photos as makes sense - strung together they capture his horny glee pretty well.